Six tips for attracting and retaining talent

We’re in a tight labor market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently announced that US businesses had nearly 7 million job openings. At the same time, fewer than 6.3 million people were available to fill them. More customizable benefit options are a great way to attract the best talent. And VSP EasyOptions, which lets employees and their family members each choose their own coverage upgrades, is a great way to give employees freedom and help them feel trusted. But there are other ways to land the most talented applicants and prevent current employees from pursuing other opportunities.


6 Tips for Attracting and Retaining Talent


Letting your employees hand-tailor their vision policy and other benefits is a way to make employees feel empowered. But increased flexibility doesn’t just have to be about benefits. It can mean flextime, the option of working from home, or even a more open floor plan that they’re free to move around in.

Build Awareness

The most qualified candidates aren’t looking for work, and current applicants may be leery of organizations they’ve never heard of. Generate interest in your company through events, social media, newsletters, and employee brand ambassadors.

Clarity and Honesty

Everyone values authenticity. Know your strengths and weaknesses as a company, and be as transparent as possible about them to employees and potential hires. The more informed they are, the more they’ll feel in control.

Be a Positive Force

A salary is a great motivator, but people want to do good in addition to doing well. Find a reputable charity that’s a good fit for your company and your team, and support them in a sustainable way. Encourage employees to pursue their own charitable interests, and work to accommodate that outside commitment.

Conduct “Stay” Interviews

Exit interviews are invaluable, but so are “stay” interviews, regular sit-downs with long-term employees to gauge their satisfaction levels. Ask them what attracted them and what’s kept them there, what issues they have and what changes they’d recommend, and what could tempt them to leave. It’s a great way to retain your talent while refining your pitch to potential employees.

Find out if your employees are getting the most out of their vision plan.

Evaluate your employees’ vision plan

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