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Glasses can improve your productivity, reduce digital eye strain, and help you stay focused. But they only help you if you actually wear them. Vision correction is vitally important, but eyeglasses have to feel like a natural extension of the wearer. They aren’t just about helping you see—they’re about how others see you.

Stylish frames are a priority, which is why average claim amounts for frames are up over 20% in the last decade¹. Increasing your frame allowance means that more fashionable eyewear options will be within your employees’ budget, ensuring they find something that they feel comfortable and confident in.

Extremely style-conscious employees aren’t the only ones who want more options. Think of employees who need glasses for the first time in their lives, and are trying to come to grips with this change to their appearance. Imagine older employees who discover they now need progressive lenses, and are self-conscious about looking like geezers. And that’s before we get to employees’ children who document their lives through selfies, and may well leave their glasses on the dresser if they’re not perfectly happy with how they look in them.

Boosting the frame allowance adds a relatively small amount to monthly premiums. See how much your employees can save on glasses with our Retail Frame Allowance Calculator.

Making sure that more frames are within reach of your employees is a great way to keep them focused—literally.


  1. VSP Internal data
  2. Based on a Choice plan for under 500 employees.


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