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Tailored benefits made easy

Tailored benefits made easy Image

Giving your employees options as unique as they are is easy with IndividualEyes™ by VSP®.


What is blue light

What is blue light Image

Learn how blue light may be impacting your employees.


The scoop on networks

The scoop on networks Image

Learn how a diverse network gives employees the value and convenience they deserve.


Driving employee wellness

Driving employee wellness Image

Learn how a vision plan can play a significant role in an organization’s wellness strategy.


Trends in vision care

Trends in vision care Image

Learn how to make use of popular trends in vision care to maximize savings.


Real cost of vision

Real cost of vision Image

Learn how VSP saves your employees the most in out-of-pocket costs.


The millennial challenge

The millennial challenge Image

Learn how to address the needs of Millennials to keep them happy and productive.


A solution to ACA pressures

A solution to ACA pressures Image

Learn how to improve the overall appeal of your benefits program.


Next level wellness

Next level wellness Image

Take your wellness plan to the next level with tips from industry experts.


Why DVCC uses VSP

Why DVCC uses VSP Image

Here’s why DVCC uses VSP as their choice in vision providers.


A solution to wellness

A solution to wellness Image

Read why vision coverage is an effective tool for wellness.


The wellness curve

The wellness curve Image

Find out where you are on the wellness curve.


A life-saving exam

How an eye exam could save your life Image

See how a comprehensive eye exam can help save lives.


What eyewear means today

What eyewear means in the twenty first century Image

Learn why different generations take different approaches to shopping and choosing their eyewear.


Consequences of technology

What the rise of technology means for our health Image

Learn what the rise of technology means for everyone’s health.


Poor preventive care has a cost

How poor preventive care can cost your business Image

Learn why high-deductible health plans are causing patients to forgo routine care.


Millennials & screen time

Millennials & screen time Image

Learn how technology impacts millennials and their health.


Gen X & screen time

Gen X & screen time Image

Learn how technology impacts Gen Xers and their health.


Baby Boomers & screen time

Baby Boomers & screen time Image

Learn how technology impacts Baby Boomers and their health.


Creating an ideal workforce

Creating an ideal workforce Image

A happier, healthier workforce in 6 easy steps.


Tips to better engagement

Tips to better engagement Image

Uncover 3 ways to increase voluntary engagement.


Five key facts about blue light

Five key facts about blue light in the workplace Image

Learn 5 facts about blue light and how it impacts employees.


Four things you may be overlooking

Four things you may be overlooking in a vision plan Image

Learn four factors commonly overlooked when shopping for vision coverage.